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Too limited

The Free Celtx desktop version was much better than this AppStore Version. At least you could create folders and subfolder and well organise your files, which you cannot now. The strange thing is that you can do that with the Online Version, so I really don’t understand why you can’t on your Mac. What’s more, I would like to be able to store my files on my Mac AND in the cloud, so that I could work wherever and whenever I want not worrying about the internet connection, like iCloud works...

Solid tool

Great for features to corporate work. Easy to use on and offline.

The app keeps closing

Ever since the new update happened, the app keeps closing every time I start typing something. It’s annoying. Sometimes it will allow me to continue writing but most of the time it won’t let up. There has to be some sort of way to resolve this issue.

From Something to Nothing. 30$ lost.

Tried the pass version from V.2.9 (free) to 3.0 (30$) And I feel like they totally lost it. All the extra I used to use on older version have just dissapear, I’m now strunggling with different DOC from Word or Pages to Celtx to have everything on place to write a story.. This is very disapointing, for a paid App.. I lost total interest into CELTX. Not a good move to buy this one.


This app has been amazing in the past. Was working perfectly a mere month ago. Opened it up after the most recent update and… nothing. Won’t let me open old projects — wont even let me start a new one! Very, very frustrating and, well, disappointing. Especially for a program I used often, whole-heartedly supported and promoted to all of my writer friends. I’m hoping this will be fixed soon, or else I feel like I’ve spent money on a limited time program? I don’t want to feel that way. I also don’t want to spend even more money on a new program.

Same scipt different page number.

I’m using celtx for five year. older versions of celtx it much better than this. after updating to el capitan i buy this version and import my scipt into the software. surprise: my scipt is much longer now. how can be possible!

Very helpful

This application was suggested to me by a friend who is a screenwriter. I was new to the format, being primarily a theatre artist. I found the automatic formatting very useful, and for basic work it has a very low learning curve (a plus, as I wanted to dive in and create, not learn a new system). I’m sure there are features that I’m not using that would be helpful, but now that I have the first draft finished, I can start playing around.

Legacy was great, this version is seriously lacking.

I’m just using this for a comics script app, and it used to be fantastic. Now it’s serious lacking and sloppy. The formatting for a comic book/ graphic novel is weirdly off-center. Going to the cloud and using the online version fixes this issue, but it’s not an environment that I want to create in. The thing that makes this near unusable for me is every time I make a change to a panel or description( if I delete something)... all the panel numbering gets wacky. Basically, it resorts to the full numbering so if Im on page 4 panel 1 and I make a change, the numbering then becomes page 4 panel 20 (or whatever it may be). Going to the cloud on this issue makes it worse, because then you lose the page numbering as well. All indication of the page “field” goes away. To change is back, the only way that works is to fix everything by hand. And it affects every panel after the panel changed. It’s not just a once and awhile bug, it happen everytime. Also if you close the app and then re-open it the panels that you fixed by hand, are now completely jacked up. I’m better off using Word or Pages.


Can’t open old Celtx files, old versions were much better this is bare bones trash.

It’s ok

I like that Celtx has a comic script format (which is the initial reason I bought it) and it works alright. But the one major complaint that I have is that it glitches A LOT. Sometimes I’ll only type one word and the program will shut down on me. It really ruins the flow of writing and I want to like this software, but I’m debating going back to the old software I have. I hope that Celtx can fix these problems because I’m optimistic that this can be great software with many possibilities, but the glitches are a huge problem and NEED to be addressed.


I was really eager to use this program… I have the latest software, and my hardware is up to spec… but yet I’ve paid $19.99 for a shell of a product! Im rating the process in which you get to the program… which is abysmal at best! Im sure the program is pretty decent…. if I could only get there to rate it… Additionally the Developer site is cumbersome! Just reimburse me already…. please!

Crashes constantly

I purchased this software so I could work on my Celtx scripts offline, but as it stands, any time I attempt to open a script the software just crashes. It was working fine before; this started about a week ago having the software for maybe 3 or 4 weeks. I desparately need the offline functionality that this software claims to provide, but if the app doesn’t stop crashing it’s not going to do me any good. I attempted to find a support site for this app as well and couldn’t find anything. Celtx’s website is great, but this app is severely lacking.


Wow, i’ve been using the free desktop version of Celtx for at least 10 years and always found it a great program — robust and packed with features. However, Celtx stopped supporting it recently and I thought after all these years, why not buy the new Celtx Script desktop version? I figured the company more than earned the $20 the program costs... BIG MISTAKE! I’ve been using the program for about two hours and already loathe it! For some unexplicable reason, they’ve stripped this new *paid” version of all the features that made the *free* version so great! For starters, on the scene menu on the left, you no longer can move scenes around, or delete them altogether! In the body of the script, you can highlight text with your cursor, yet can’t drag it to another part of the document like you could in the previous version — and in just about any other text editor available! That means you have to copy/paste everything, and the program does a terrible job of keeping track of changes. Delete a scene and the blank header remains, unless you go in again and delete the *empty” header, too. Paste a new scene, and the program can’t keep track of the numbering. You can’t preview your script’s pdf like before. Gone are the master catalogues, the scene cards, the timer, even the ablity to mark dialogue as overlapping! You can export a script as .txt anymore. God knows what other stupid changed they made that I haven’t run into yet. Why? WHY?! ALSO, you’ll be forced to import all your old .celtx files and convert them into whatever new file they’re using. Ditto for the online version of Celtx. I spent an hour reimporting and reorganizing every single project I had in my Celtx account becasue every time I imported an old file, it would imprt 10 versions of it, which I then had to manually delete… If Celtx wants to be taken seriously as a viable software company for professional filmmakers, they better fix these issues and fast. The experience with this terrible software really doesn’t inspire me to go an pay for their online “Studio” service. Very dissapointed.

Falsely advertised as free, and crashes constantly.

Can’t do a lick of work on this app. Crashing constantly, and was mentioned to be free on the website. I want my money back.

Dont download it

The Celtx script is just a worse version of Celtx Plus, that you can buy cheaper at their website… Very disappointing It is basically a MS Word, that when you click twice, a grey bar will appear… Seems more like a scam, to be honest

In Principle ...

In principle, this could be a great app. Especially due to the cloud capabilities that are baked in. I use celtx on my iPad, in my browser and (theoretically) on my desktop. However, that cloud integration is also what compromises this app. IT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY. I’ve had several instances where the app simply wouldn’t save to the cloud, foolish me forgot to check, and just like that I’d lose work. This must not happen. Please fix this!

FInd the free version!

I am confused and outraged. How come this paid app is so much worse than the free one? If I would have known that, I´d have never bought it. I thought - probably like many customers - that if you are buying a paid version of a formerly free app you´d find a lot improved or enhanced features. But this paid thing here has LESS features!! Why? Where is the catalogue? Where is the format feature that lets you have page breaks for each scene? where is the window where you can see all notes? Where is the button that writes a chosen text in All Caps? What is wrong with you people? I am a director and writer and rest assured, I will warn everybody I know not to buy this version. I want my money back.

Horrible app! DO NOT BUY!

Like everyone I was expecting this to be a Mac version of the universal Celtx app which I love but could use a nicer UI. Unfortunately it’s the farthest thing from it. Probably the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Has nearly none of the features available on the web app, full screen mode actually makes the workable space SMALLER! It has very confusing communication with ‘the cloud’ (something that isn’t much better on the regular version) either. Essentially the only value I see in my ten bucks is someday having this app upgraded when Celtx finds out what a blunder they’ve birthed. Celtx, please spend a couple weeks/months making a nice reliable Mac version with all the features I expect and I’d be glad to pay for it. Consider my purchase a down payment. In the meantime... disappointed and still using the regular ver. :(

Major bummer.

This is basically a port of the iPhone Celtx app in terms of functionality. A major disappointment. It is also very buggy, I cant get my scripts from the cloud to even open. Stick with the old Celtx, dont be fooled.

Best you’re gonna get for the price.

Despite what the other reviews have given this app, this is really the best screenplay app you’re gonna get for the price. Most other apps are completely retrograde—at least Celtx has an online cloud system that’s fairly intuitive. It’s also very clean and simple, which is the Mac way for better or for worse. Although there are many improvements that need to be made (namely better organization and communication between the cloud), I’d definitely recommend this app for anyone looking for a screenplay app. Don’t bother looking elsewhere if you want something full featured and clean—I’ve checked. Andrew.

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